Monday, 13 February 2017

Sea glass project

There is a stretch of El Confital beach full of sea glass. Every time we go there, we end up bringing a few kilos home.
Playa del Confital

Sea glass is beautiful and just begs to be collected. Now we know one more use for it. We've created some images and an alphabet out of sea glass.
Speaking of use. I have finally discovered the real purpose of the glass-top coffee tables that the Spanish love so much. They are specially made to help to photograph various transparent and semi-transparent objects, such as Spirula shell. Otherwise they are a nuisance to maintain and a danger to be around.
The principle is the same as in the sunlight cube, except using an off-camera flashgun instead of sunlight.
Kirill had fun making the designs (almost all of them), and it was a sheer pleasure to photograph — very little post-processing involved. As an outgrowth of this project, we've started yet another blog: just some symbols.



Guanche design (we had trouble finding the meanings of these. I personally reckon this one is just ornamental)

Guanche symbol (possibly of a human, but the tail seems to be too long. Hmm...)

Wave. The seaglass alphabet is begging to be used as drop caps. A book about beach, anybody?

Many more examples of sea glass symbols in yet another blog

More photos of sea glass and Confital @ Shutterstock.

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