Tuesday, 16 February 2016

two-sided ribbed circular scarf

This is my second attempt to make a two-sided scarf using long-section dyed wool. First time I tried to make one, I bought just one 50 g skein, which was enough to make a collar, but it was not what I wanted.

This time I bought three skeins, and nearly all of it went into the scarf. The pattern is really simple - four rows of stockinette stitch, followed by four rows of the same stitch on the other side, if you see what I mean (what is the reverse of the stockinette stitch is called? that one).
Neat, one-thread side, ribbing away nicely

To make the ribs formed by curling up of stockinette in different colors, I used two skeins at the same time. Four rows one skein, four rows another. I didn't break the thread (I don't fancy hiding all those loose ends; I also don't like making something that can't be unmade).  I purled both yarns together on one side. That made one side thicker and less "self-ribbing".
The OTHER side, still neat, but not ribbing so much.
In the end, it isn't such a bit deal, when scarf is worn it is somewhat stretched anyway, but it is something worth re-thinking.

two loops of the scarf worn unfolded

I sewed the ends together without a twist, so I guess it is not a true "infinity" scarf, just circular.

two loops of the scarf folded in half.

I finished it and tried it on. The length allows to make up to three loops around my neck. So far I like most the "two loops, the scarf is preliminary folded in half length-wise" option.

I rather like it, but I might want to make another one, I enjoyed it so much :)

I need to take it out for a walk and photography, but right now it is about +19 C outside, it will look odd :)

Yarn: Katia, 185 m/50 g if I remember correctly, about 130 g used. Dimensions flat, before sewing - 120 by 19 cm

Knitting pics on shutterstock - here

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