Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Orange and cinnamon cake

First time I made this cake without consulting any recipe, but vaguely remembering that I had made something similar in the past. It turned out so well, I thought I'd write down the recipe next time, if I ever manage to reproduce it. I did reproduce it, so here is the recipe:

Ingredients, in order of appearance:

teaspoonful orange zest
juice of one orange (measured, it amounted to about 100 ml)
2 eggs, medium
1/2 teaspoonful salt
3/4 cup* white sugar
teaspoonful cinnamon
60 ml sunflower oil (refined, so it doesn't smell of anything much; can easily be replaced by other refined non-smelly oil)
100 ml milk
1 and 1/2 half cups plain flour (approx)
teaspoonful baking powder

Line a baking tin with parchment (my baking tin is 13 by 23 cm)
Have some foil ready to cover the mixture before going into the oven.

Zest the orange; juice it into a measuring jug to make the adding of other liquids easier.

Here I start the oven going (to 210 C), you know best how long does yours take to heat.

Beat the eggs, add salt, beat some more, add sugar, beat some more, add cinnamon, beat some more; I added zest  to this mixture, but you can do it at the very end, not important.

Add oil and milk to the juice, mix a bit, start your whisk going again and mix the eggy mixture with the juicy one. Add the flour and baking powder, quickly mix with a spoon so that the dry stuff doesn't fly everywhere and then beat with the whisk to break the lumps, if any.

The mixture should turn out quite liquid and easy to pour.

Pour it into the tin, cover with foil - I try to make a little "tent" rather than a flat lid, because some of my cake mixtures rise quite a bit.

In it goes. In 30 min I lower the temperature to 180 C, but don't ask me why. Might be not important; and all ovens are different anyway. Mine is not fan-assisted.

In 1 hour I took off the foil (keep it) and then baked for another 15 min to get some color on the upper crust. I usually cover my cakes to keep them moist and then uncover to get the color.

Once the color looks good, I usually (as in this case), switch the heat off and open the oven door a bit to let the cake cool slowly first; in maybe 10 min take the cake out and let it cool some more uncovered (20 min maybe); then cover it with the same foil so it doesn't dry out.

Enjoy :)

* cup being a real cup which I happen to prefer for measuring for reasons unknown. I measured it - it holds about 260 ml

Baked stuff pics on shutterstock

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