Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Totoroid breakfast companion

At some point when we were in Finland, I had ordered a bag of hollowfiber stuffing from amazon. I honestly don't remember what sort of project I wanted to do at that point, and the bag was laying unopened for a few months. When Kirill had left for Gran Canaria in the beginning of June, I suddenly had an urge to finally use it for this little critter that later proved to be an excellent breakfast companion - not very talkative, but who is in the morning?

Here he is admiring his reflection in a coffee pot. You can sort of see that he has a little tail I think.

There is no proper description, but I can have a go remembering:

I started at the bottom, from six stitches distributed on three needles plus one needle to knit. I made increases as necessary to the size I liked, so the bottom looks like a rounded triangle. Then I decided on a shape (conical), made a little tail on one corner (I-cord of three stitches, six rows I reckon) and started making decreases, trying not to make them all on the same vertical, to avoid creating ridges.

When I came to the last 16 stitches - leaving 3 + 3 for I-cords of the ears and ten (five and five) to close together as a top of the head - I went up four more rows to make the last bit cylindrical.

It was meant to be a rabbit, but our kids immediately classified him as a smaller forest spirit creature from Totoro. Personally, I still think he is a rabbit, but there is definitely something totoroid in him.

For some reason or other he stayed behind in Finland, but I still have a lot of stuffing left. Maybe I will make an army of them one day.

Knitting pics on shutterstock - here

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