Friday, 3 January 2014

Extra thick snood

During our Gran Canarian Christmas holidays, we spent two nights in Ingenio. Our first day, I've noticed this shop: Mercería Loli. Naturally I had to get in.
There were two types of yarn that I felt a sudden urge to possess: the variegated felting wool and very thick Italian yarn. I decided to sleep on it, since we still had another day (the Christmas Eve) in Ingenio.
Next morning, the choice was done. The thick yarn won. (I took the last 200 g skein they had.) The thick yarn required the thick needles — the label said 13 to 15 mm. Unfortunately, the largest size of circular needles they had was 12, and I needed circular needles for the project I had in mind. So I bought size 15 straight needles and size 12 circular. Armed with this gear, I could start on my holiday project: an extra thick snood for me.

But it was not until we moved to Agaete (our home for the next five nights) that the work commenced. First, Timur helped me to make my skein into a ball:
Above is Timur holding the ball. Timur is still a baby for us, but he is now a bit taller than me, so you can see the size of the whole affair.
And second... I just knitted the thing. On the picture below I am knitting with straight needles, afterwards putting stitches on the circular needles:
By the time we came to board our plane back, I had it on me. Like this:

Knitting pics on shutterstock

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