Wednesday, 16 May 2012

a feat of extreme slouchiness

I've made this top almost three years ago, buying the "organic" cotton and a set of bamboo needles  in a Danish supermarket. The holidays were lazy, as summer holidays should be; and I bought the knitting articles for the want of something to do with my hands while enjoying the emptiness of the head to the full. 
Somehow I never got to wear it before now. Now I do though.
It's an extremely simple thing, just a strip of Shaker ribbing (at least, I think that's what it is called), sewn into a tube, with a trim extended into straps. The organic cotton proved to be an extremely soft,  with no twist to it; it doesn't hold shape at all, but stretches very well in the ribbing. The funny little tie belt for the trousers is made of the same material.
The reason why I am standing on one leg most of the time is that we had an extremely hot few days; and the sunroof tiles felt rather like hotplate.

knitting pics at shutterstock


  1. Is this your new blog place?

    I like the photos :)

  2. Wonderful pictures Tamara, they give you a sense of peace and serenity. I love the top you knitted. You are a talented woman, great painter, fantastic cook, skilled photographer, and now even good a knitting... you put us all to shame ;-)

  3. nameless--one - I've got two currently, this one and one more photo-oriented :)
    Martina - thank you :)