Thursday, 2 February 2012

moebius scarf

This time is a simple Moebius scarf I made. It's proved to be surprisingly easy once I found this excellent video for the cast-on part. There's no pattern to it, just simple "knit-all" - that is, till I got somewhat bored and decided to do a ruffled edge. I didn't want my ruffle to be too obvious, so I decided that I will add one stitch per each three in every second row. However, even that adds stitches very quickly. Say you start with 200 stitches, you have 267 approx after the first row of added stitches, 356 after the second one, and 475 after the third - that is, more than twice the original amount of stitches. I like how the edge turned out, but it's a lot of knitting to do.

The scarf turned out to be quite long, so it was not easy to show that it's a proper Moebius strip with just a half-turn in it, so I didn't even try. You just got to believe me

Variegated wool is Regia "Hand-dye effect" sock wool. It rather suits my tea mug coloring.

We bought it, along with some ostrich feathers when we got stuck in Dulverton last winter - there was a haberdashery shop with an amazing for its size choice of stuff in there. I liked it, and if anybody would like to send me another ball, perhaps in a different color scheme, I would happily provide the address

And below, just to break this run of purple and blue, is saffron in warm water, waiting to be used in the today's paella

knitting pics at shutterstock

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