Sunday, 22 January 2012

test post

I want to start this blog solely for things I've made by hand, be it knitting, cooking, embroidery or whatever. This is justa cross-post from "Pics and other stuff" to see how it goes

Ok, that blanket I was knitting turned up to be veeeery long, so we can cover ourselves with it all four of us when we watch TV or something. It can also be used for fun photoshoot :)

Same round needles I used to knit and the remains of the wool used to assemble my jedi cape

Well, Ok, I guess the reference for the ghost will be clear only to russian who watched "Карлсон, который живет на крыше" animation series. "Дикое, но симпатичное" :)
Ok, and this was feeble attempt at knitter's strip-tease sort of stuff, but it didn't really work - I have no heart to unravel it, and folding very quickly produces a bundle, not a neat diminishing square

that's all for now :)

knitting pics at shutterstock

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